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Our company exists since 2003. Established by the aficionado of cosmetic packaging, from the very beginning the company is characterized by high level of innovation and fast dynamics of development.



We specialize in production of high quality plastic packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Our standard products are “roll on” type of packaging produced in injection blow moulding technology, and our standard offer is one of the biggest in Europe.



Basing on injection technology we produce tops and caps, and using injection blow moulding we produce different types of bottles. Moreover, in 2014 we created a new brand Kaj-Pharma. Please check



Year after year we become even more recognizable and we keep earning the trust of our partners from the whole world. Besides Poland, we are present on different markets of the European Union, Russian Federation, the Balkans, and the Middle East. If you need our credentials – just ask.

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We can offer completely comprehensive service for your company – starting from the initial project, through the making of packaging project, ending on decoration and organization of delivery. We will be more than happy to help you in the process of creation and introduction of the design into the production process that we will reserve only for you.


You don’t know how the packaging you invented will look like? We will make the complete technical drawings, 3D project, FDM models, and also final production moulds.


Welcome to our world! Here you can find everything that is our passion. However, we don’t want to bore you with lifeless photos and dry facts… We want you to feel as an artist creating your own trends. Change colours, shapes and combinations. Everything is in your hands!


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You don’t know which packaging to choose? Use our bottle configurator.


Following new trends and the need to fulfil the needs of our clients we decided to start new Eco product series. Nowadays, it is almost our responsibility to make such products and we decided not to stay indifferent to the concerns for our environment.



We think and hope that if we all start to introduce Eco solutions in our lives this will make our and our children’s lives better. We can achieve this even by sorting the waste, limitation of document printing, proper mercury or light bulbs utilization etc. Of course Kaj has already introduced all those actions into the company’s life. We sort waste, instead of using ton of paper we create all possible documents in PDF and keep them on our servers. Moreover, we as company always knew that our packaging may be later troublesome for the environment.



Therefore, in order to go forward into the future and to constantly develop the ecologic production we decided to take the next step which is introducing D2W additive. Thanks to it we will be able to make all our items environmental friendly. Thus, the produced packaging will retain their primary characteristics i.e. won’t react with the bulk and won’t be dangerous for the user and later for the environment.



Big advantage of KAJ Eco solutions is the degradable characteristic i.e. the usage of the additive allows the decomposition of packaging after 3 and not 60 years. This is great breakthrough in the consciousness of packaging users as now maybe they will choose the cosmetic not because of its look, fragrance or nice label but because it is ECO. Therefore be ECO – together we can achieve more.


We believe that the quality is born during the production and not the laboratory tests. That is why we introduced multistage quality control system of the produced packaging, system closely connected with obtained certificates.


The multistage begins with the current workplace control (line operator) basing on everyday tests and statistic control, and ends on the control of products leaving our factory. Additionally, we also have entrance control of materials and components used in the process of production.

ISO 9001 2015 ISO 9001 2015
ISO 15378 2015 ISO 15378 2015


Is it worth using the ever-present labels created in flexo and off set technology? We are able to offer you different forms of direct decoration of your packaging. We can make for you: multicolour screen printing, hot stamping as well as metallization. You don’t have to worry about logistics or service – we will do everything for you thanks to close partnership with our next door neighbour who is one of the biggest in his industry in Europe –


Do you need support with organizing transport? On the account of service of many national and international subjects we will manage also this task.


We have high storage warehouse that allows us to store at the same time over 800 Euro pallets. It doesn’t matter how far you are, you can use our transport customized especially for you.


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